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Status Planning to implement
Categories Slack
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 4, 2024

Create Aha! note from Slack message / thread

Who would benefit?

everyone who uses slack and aha

What impact would it make?

reduce duplicated effort, improve knowledge management capture and record keeping

How should it work?

it should be possible to have a command to capture threads, slack canvases or specific comments/comment text from slack and send it to Aha as a note/document

context: many teams have long discussions in slack with important information. we would like to capture this in Aha as sometimes it contains pertinent info for a release or initiative. it would be great to be able to directly do this from slack rather than need to copy and paste it.

best case scenario: it is possible to send info directly from slack to a SPECIFIC note/document (eg if there is a meeting notes/change log document, use a slack command to add to that document directly and not create a new record each time.)

Release time frame 1 month
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