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Status Shipped
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Max Robbins
Created on Jan 31, 2024

Report on capacity team based on record assignee

Who would benefit?

When using the capacity report with detailed estimates, you will see a team associated with a record based on the capacity team the assignee of the record is associated with. However, this same association back to capacity team cannot be done in analytic reports in Aha!

Some teams do not use advanced estimates, and would still like to report on what teams their features are associated with based on the assignee field.

What impact would it make?

This would mean users can create reports and roadmaps showing features broken down by associated team. Now, teams using team capacity planning have more flexibility with how it can be used to provide reports with the correct details.

How should it work?

When referencing the Team table related to a record, be able to specify if the team name shown comes from either the Advanced estimate or from the record's assignee.

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