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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Steve Dagless
Created on Nov 16, 2023

Ability to set whether a custom number field is allowed to be used by the prioritisation board

Who would benefit?

All users

What impact would it make?

Avoid the potential for data loss

How should it work?

At the moment, any custom number field that is available on a record's layout is presented as an option to be used to capture the prioritisation board rank value. This includes fields that have nothing to do with ranking.

If used by the prioritisation rank, a custom field will have its existing value overwritten.

The prioritisation board can include records from across workspaces.

So there is the potential for mistakes by naïve users or users exploring functionality. Even with training, it's impossible to control what users are doing in Aha!

We would like to see the custom number field updated to include an option that allows Aha! admins to select whether the number field can be included in pick list for selection on the prioritisation board. (or something else that allows us to include/exclude any given custom field from the prioritisation board).

This would clarify option selection for users and remove the risk of data loss.

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  • Steve Dagless
    May 23, 2024

    Additionally to this, we would like some element of control over which users are able to use a custom field on the prioritisation board. For example, could number fields piggy-back on account-level approval groups so that we can specificy which users are approved to write data to a number custom field that appears on the prioritisation board? (or something similar to that) so only approved people can assign ranks to the "Quarterly planning rank" field.