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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Kevin Martin
Created on Mar 31, 2023

please let admin better control the field choices on apply rank to users cannot make bad choice

apply rank opens a picker to let user decide which custom field to apply the rank value to , and that custom field needs to be the field in the mappings that provide update into target tooling (my case, its ADO, stack rank).

I see multiple custom fields open, probably/maybe those that we can push to the ADO fields. I do not want any potential for user error here, where they pick score or size rather than the custom ranking field. I have fast/sloppy users to be concerned with (PO/BA types who know nothing about Aha-ADO integrations, mappings or what a custom field is about).

As admin I want to constrain that apply rank behavior to only use the custom field I have mapped to the ADO stack rank field. Let me make that part of a config setting. I do not want users making a choice, or making a bad choice, as part of their user experience. I want their experience to be hit-the-'apply rank' button, maybe see a popup (this will alter your develop team backlog, are you sure yes/no), or no popup at all.

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