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Status Future consideration
Categories Integrations
Created by Nigel Lawrence
Created on Nov 12, 2023

Support bring your own LLM

Who would benefit?

Customers who have build LLMs for their org who don't wis to use ChatGPT or have specific organisation context they wish to exploit

What impact would it make?

There are generative AI applications in Aha (and no doubt more planned). This feature would enable organisations that have invested in building out their own organisation LLMs to plug those in and exploit these capabilities natively within the platform.

Context - today 80% of enterprises have yet to make a decision on their AI strategy and many have legitimate trust issues wrt Chat GPT.

How should it work?

Bring you own models would presumably need to comply with certain interface format, but assuming those were met I envisage an Admin interface at the account level that allows you to configure your own endpoint. This would then enable the Aha AI features to be enabled consuming said model

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