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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Hank Liu
Created on May 3, 2023

Option to Cancel Pagination in Prioritization report

In Prioritization Reports, users reported they are not able to drag and drop an record to other pages in the report due to the existing pagination design (50 records per page).

Would Aha! provide an option to cancel pagination and list all records on a single page? This would provide users better experience on drag and drop ranking.

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  • Veronica Melin
    Nov 3, 2023

    this limitation makes it impossible to do stack rank exercises in this view. If you have more than 50 records, how do you drag a record from 51 on page to, to 50 on page 1?

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Allow more than 50 records per page on Prioritized views

I would love to be able to adjust the quantity of records per page as seen on the Features or Ideas Prioritization view or at the very least be able to see more than 50 records per page.
Stephanie Lechner 9 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration