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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Todd Materazzi
Created on Mar 27, 2023

Tree/Hierarchy Report

Can a new report be added to Roadmaps -> Reports that will enable business and developers alike view (on a per release or initiative level) the hierarchy of cards (features, requirements, tasks) that are and how they are related? We all are aware of the Kanban board and how developers view and work on their cards but for strategic minds who don't have time to sift through hundreds of cards, it would be great to have a "tree like view" that displays all cards in a hierarchy. This way, I can look through them with the scroll bar and find the ones I am interested in opening / viewing. If the report is generated, perhaps we can chose to view by collapsed or expanded card form. See attachment for simple idea - but this tree concept could grow.

If this report is generated, perhaps having the ability to drag and drop relationships between 'cards' to add relationships (and the reverse be true too - to remove relationships when deleting lines between boxes).

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