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Status Shipped
Categories Ideas
Created by Claire A
Created on Jan 12, 2023

Prioritization feature: Allow users flexibility to undo/revert prioritizing list based on product value,

I am using the ideas prioritization feature to manage a list of 100 ideas.

As I was working on them I noticed the drop down carrot next to product value. I thought this was just a way to sort the list to see which I could then go back to my original prioritization rank. Instead when I clicked the drop down carrot it re-prioritized my whole list. This list should not be priosritized based on product value so this created additional hours or work for me to recreate since there is no way to revert or undo this.

Please either allow for users to undo/revert this action, show a pop up warning them that it will re-prioritize the list, or remove the drop down carrot.

    Apr 12, 2023

    There is now a confirmation modal when sorting records on the prioritization view.

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