Allow for features to be pushed back into Ideas

We like to do our overall company prioritization in the idea area. However, sometimes we push ideas to features and those features aren't actually developed (due to not having enough resources, them loosing priority focus, etc. ) We'd like to push those features back into the ideas section so they can be reprioritized against all the old and new ideas. 

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  • Jan 2 2015
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  • S B commented
    January 06, 2015 21:11

    Great suggestion...we would love this too.

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    Danny Archer commented
    February 03, 2015 19:14

    Could you elaborate on what you are looking for?

    When you promote an idea to a feature the idea still exists.  If you decide to un-prioritize the promoted feature, you can delete it and delete the link on the idea which puts everything back to the original state.

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    Chris Waters commented
    February 03, 2015 19:17

    I can see valid use cases for features that were never ideas to begin with. e.g. because features were imported from CSV or JIRA, or because Aha! was used without an ideas portal.

  • Guest commented
    February 03, 2015 19:23

    Danny, if there were comments, attachments or other changes to the description that occurred within the feature, are these transferred back to the original idea?  If not, then cutting the link would not quite accomplish the same goal.

  • Admin
    Danny Archer commented
    February 03, 2015 19:40

    Got it, so full use case beyond just deleting the link.  Idea is promoted to a feature, planning is done, design work done (possibly), story fleshed out.  Then feature is nixed indefinitely and wanted to be pushed back to idea.


    1. Push a feature back to ideas and include all feature related information added as part of the push.
    2. Push a feature to an idea that never was an idea to begin with, also maintain feature specific information.

    With #1 in particular, would there be a reason why you would not want to leave the item as a feature in a parking lot? - it still exists as an idea also and all the data is maintained but it is de-prioritized out of a release.  That is the way it works today - is the concern that over time parking lots get over filled with features that are not going to be developed?

  • Jared Hatch commented
    February 03, 2015 19:52

    Danny, I think you've identified the biggest problem - backlogs, like parking lots can only hold a certain number of objects before they become completely unwieldy, unmanageable, and unusable.

  • Guest commented
    March 20, 2015 12:01

    Hey Danny,

    You are correct with your assumption on why we don't want to store unscheduled features in the parking lot. After a while, we ended up having over a hundred features in the parking lot and I had to manually download them all into a spreadsheet and upload them again into Ideas, in which case I lost a lot of the data. So both of your use cases match our needs.



  • Admin
    Suzanne Vaughan commented
    March 22, 2015 12:20

    Hi David -- We'd recommend you mark the features you are not going to implement as "Will not implement". Then, you can create a filter on the Features Board, Details and List views that ignores "Will not implement" features. In this manner, you can keep all the connected data without a lot of manual work.