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Created on Dec 22, 2022

Aggregate history / diff tooling for history

Sometimes information needs to be synced manually from Aha to another place or system. While this could be simple copy and paste, there are also cases where you cannot do that because the content is similar, not the same. E.g. when you use a different language style in the other place, because it addresses a different persona, etc.

With the history tab, it can be really hard to understand which changes you'd need to update, as the history is so granular and you'd need to scroll through a huge amount of changes. If you rewrite a statement several times within a certain timeframe, you would want to only see one aggregated entry with the information, that this statement has changed to <most recent statement> compared to <statement from a provided date/time by the user that is used for comparison>.

If I could simply compare two "states" of an item based on date/time and the history information would be aggregated, this will make it a lot easier, esp. in larger notes or descriptions, to manually synch similar content to other places.

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