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Status Shipped
Categories Reports
Created by Lance Hook
Created on Nov 23, 2022

Go to page option in reports (list reports)

Allow user to go to a specific page within a list report vs. the current method of page by page or jumping by 4 pages.

    Aug 17, 2023

    We have added the ideas and feature lists back to the navigation.

    Your workspace owner will need to enable these options in Settings > Workspace > Navigation.

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  • Steve Dagless
    Aug 29, 2023

    Hi Aha!

    Maybe it's me who has misunderstood but I'm not sure what you've shipped is what was asked for. I think the request was to be able to pick the page number within a list report.

    At the bottom of a list report is the paging option. You can see pages number 1 > 5, then '...' then 'Next>' and 'Last>>'. My understanding of this request was to add a drop down or number entry field from where the user can say exactly which page in the list they want to go to.

    Let's say there are 20 pages of results in my list and I want to go to page 17. With the current UI I have to either select 'Last>>' then pick page 17 or select 5, then 10, then 15, then 17 etc.

    In addition, it would also be very helpful if the UI could detect alpha-numeric sorting and allow the user to jump to the page with a specific letter of the sorted values.

    But hey, maybe I totally misunderstood this request. I guess you'd need to check with Lance who created it. If I did misunderstand then I'd love for my comments to be considered as a new idea.