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Created by Matt Mazzei
Created on Aug 22, 2022
Merged idea
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Sprint Report Merged

Hello Aha! Support -

Just to provide a little context....

I work with ~10 Scrum teams and we have been successful at configuring our Aha! workspaces to align with Scrum and SAFe.....we have renamed "Goals" to "PI Objectives", “Releases” to “Sprints” and "Features" to "Stories". It's nice to see all the scope of a Sprint in vertical columns in Aha! and the capacity bar at the top of each Sprint is very helpful to see if we're over capacity or not based. We use pivot reports and bar charts to see our velocity. We use the 'progress' report on Sprints to see our Sprint burndowns and see that all the data is captured that could create a nice "Sprint Report", but it's not available out of box in Aha! roadmaps and to produce it is very manual.

MY IDEA/REQUEST: We could REALLY benefit from a “Sprint Report” that shows:

  • Stories (and all associated Story information) committed to the Sprint

  • Stories (and all associated Story information) that were added after the Sprint started

  • Stories (and all associated Story information) that were removed after the Sprint started

  • Stories that were not "Shipped" by the end of the Sprint and 'carried over' to the next Sprint or any future Sprint

  • Stories (and all associated Story information) that were actually delivered ("Shipped") during the Sprint

It looks like all this data is captured in the database since we can see it in Sprint>Details>View progress. We create our burndown report each Sprint and it would be great if all this information was in a table for us to report on.

Thank you!

  • Erin Ankeny
    Aug 22, 2022

    Agreed - being able to see points committed, points added, points removed, points delivered, and points carried over is a critical part of understanding the team's process and highlighting areas for improvement.