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Created by Jeanette Resnikoff
Created on Jun 23, 2022

Sync changes between whiteboard objects and converted records

The convert whiteboard object to record functionality is great. There are often future changes on a record, like the name, that would be good to sync back to the original whiteboard object. So as teams adjust the whiteboard, the objects reflect the latest name and vice versa

    Mar 23, 2024

    Thanks for your feedback! We recently released several enhancements to working with records in whiteboards:

    • When you convert whiteboard sticky notes to Aha! records, you can click the Open details icon to view or edit the record

    • When you change the title of a record, it will automatically update the text in your whiteboard shape or sticky note

    • In the whiteboard shape toolbar, you can click the Shape menu to switch it to the record card to view additional details on your whiteboard

    Here's a quick video showing the new enhancements. Please let us know how else you would like to work with Aha! records in whiteboards.

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  • Guest
    Dec 22, 2023

    This feature is critical for teams working Agile. They have Product Increments (PI's) and Sprint planning activities that span through several days, and when the planning is over, they want to ensure all the required work is properly represented in the Aha dashboards.

    Another functionality that is missing that is related to data syncs between Whiteboards and the Aha Dashboards is the visibility in the Whiteboard on which "post-its" have a correspondent Aha ticket and which ones doesn't. We must click on each "post-it" to see if they have the link enabled. When we have hundreds of "post-its" in the whiteboard, spotting the missing tickets is unsustainable.


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