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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 13, 2022

Kanban style to-do task

For people that do not track to-dos by date but by priority instead

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  • Matt Clements
    Jan 4, 2024

    I agree. In managing my tasks in the To-dos view, it's difficult to navigate through all of them when I can only sort them by a few different record types. I would like to have a Kanban approach for actioning these tasks rather than having a list of line items as they are displayed now in the To-dos section.

    I see two pieces that would be very helpful:

    • Adding a category for Priority (like Marie mentioned)

      • This would allow me to sort/filter by priority to define what I should be working on next. It would need to be a filter, and it should be one of many filters I could apply to find my next priorities (i.e. filter by due date and high/critical priorities).

    • Viewing items in a 'doing' state

      • To really give a Kanban experience, I want to see what I'm actively working on (the 'doing' status) vs. what needs to be done in my To-dos list.

      • This could be just a label to use for additional filtering, but ideally it would come with a different interactive visualization where I could see a Kanban view of designated columns for tasks over a period of time. I see the MVP as having columns for To Do, Doing and Done states, where I could either label individual tasks accordingly for them to show up in the respective column or I would be able to drag and drop them from one column to another which would in turn update the label accordingly.

  • Marie Claire Saliba
    Dec 19, 2023

    It would be great if we could assign both a priority label and a due date to To-Dos.