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Status Future consideration
Categories User management
Created by Steve Rudkin
Created on Mar 29, 2022

Add additional trigger point when creating automation - to-do for ideas

Here is a use case:

  1. An idea is moved to the Under review state

  2. Create an automation ideas rule to be a To-do where the Trigger is set to: When an idea is created or updated and its status changes to a specific value of Under review

  3. Actions is set to: then add a to-do or approval Type To-do, etc 3 months after.

What we need is an additional verification point. We want to know if it is still in the Under review state, execute the To-Do. If it is no longer in that state then ignore the To-do. My guess is being able to add an additional Trigger like you can add addtional Actions would allow this behavior. My assumption is that no matter what the state is now the To-Do is going to be executed 3 months after the status changes to "Under Review" no matter what. We are using this as reminders for all idea states and we are concerned that we will be sending unneccessary notifications to default assignees.

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