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Created by Hunor Ilyés
Created on Dec 7, 2021

Customize permissions of adding new contact or organization through the proxy voting flow

We would like to turn off the possibility to add new contacts and organizations in the proxy voting flow.

The reason: we have a separate flow for adding new contacts and organizations which is in sync with other systems. We have many custom fields to be filled in to ensure connnectivity of these different systems. New contacts/organizations added manually by any team member during the proxy vote will not have these custom fields filled in.

    May 9, 2023

    A new setting is available in Settings > Account > Ideas portals and organizations > Organizations> Creation by proxy voter. When users capture a proxy vote, you can enable them to create a new organization. Or disable the setting so that users can only capture proxy votes for the existing organizations.

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  • Joe Buehlmeyer
    Oct 3, 2022

    This has started becoming a real control issue for us as we have hundreds of folks creating proxy votes on behalf of their clients, and training alone does not appear a sufficient solution to prevent the creation of new/duplicate Organizations.

    We are wasting a substantial amount of time cleaning up behind individuals (and that's despite having created automated reconciliation reports using the API). What is worse, the whole idea of self-service reporting becomes a bit compromised as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information shown between reconciliations.

    We have extended the Organization entity with a series of CRM fields that we rely on for accurate reporting, dynamic scoring, etc. - having a free-for-all list of Organizations undermines the whole effort ...

    The ideal solution would be some form of Organization approval workflow where an admin has to approve a new Organization (make sure it's not a duplicate, that the CRM entity has been added so it can be automatically enriched, etc.); however, as an intermediate step, just locking down who can create and modify Organizations would be a big step as we can deal with the rest through a separate ideas portal in the interim (or forever - there are more important ideas out there, I'm sure).

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Limit access of reviewer users so they are unable to add organisations and/or contacts

We have provided reviewer access for to internal members to view our plans and capture proxy votes on behalf of our customers. We have seen inconsistencies and duplicates created, which is creating an administrative burden on our Aha! team. We wou...
Dale Potter over 2 years ago in Voting 0 Shipped