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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Presentations
Created by Anthony Lau
Created on Oct 11, 2021

Disable Changing to the Next Page in Presentation by Click Left Mouse Button

In Presentation mode, clicking on the left mouse button anywhere on the screen changes it to the next page. I understand that you are trying to make this easier for a presenter to change pages vs clicking the arrows on the bottom right corner. It's pretty much like the way PowerPoint works.

However, the AHA Presentations are not always used as presentations. In my case, my Presentation pages are mostly for other people to go to and see certain information I've setup for them without the need for them to setup their own view or have an AHA viewer account. The real problem is when "Drill In" is enabled. Now the users can click on a Feature Name (in my case) and it pops up the Feature Description. However, if they miss clicking the link or click anywhere else on the screen, it flips to the next page. I've lost count of how many times I've flipped to the next page by missing the link, trying to close the Description pop up window by clicking into the blank area instead of the "X", or just trying to scroll down using the scroll bar on the left and missing it.

It would be really good if you can give an option in Presentation whether to change pages on mouse click.

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Nov 1, 2021

    Hi there, thank you for the idea. We made a change last week that will help with part of the challenge here.

    As you noted, previously if you clicked outside the preview to close it, this would advance the slide. We have changed this. Now if a preview is open and you click outside it, the preview will close and the slide will not advance.

    We are unlikely to completely remove the left click to advance the slide because of the confusion that could cause in other use cases. I hope the improvement above helps! Please let us know if you have additional feedback.