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Categories Workflow boards
Created by Madeleine Black
Created on Oct 7, 2021

Hide features in "Will not do" from the backlog

In Aha! Develop, I see work records that are in the "Will not do" status on my backlog. During a sprint planning exercise; there may be times where a backlog item is moved into a Will not do status. This means that the work does not enter the sprint - or any sprint. Currently, the only way to remove it from the backlog is to put it into a sprint.

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Aha Develop - Shipped Features not removed from Sprint Planning Prioritized Backlog

As part of Sprint Planning, when features in the "Prioritized Backlog" are having a status of "shipped" they are remaining in the "Prioritized Backlog". When deemed "shipped" status they should disappear from Sprint Planning "Prioritized Backlog. ...
Clark Milner over 2 years ago in Sprints 0 Shipped