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Status Future consideration
Categories To-dos
Created by Harrison Hopkins
Created on Jul 29, 2021

Simplify to-do deletion process

It's a lot of steps to delete a to-do:

  1. Expand the To-do

  2. Open the overflow menu

  3. Select "Delete"

  4. Confirm in the pop-up

This is a click-heavy workflow for a task that requires double (or triple) confirmation: the delete button is not in an easily accessible location, so the pop-up seems a bit over-the-top and really slows down a workflow.

IMO, either of the following would work:

  1. Add a trash can icon to to-dos when collapsed

    1. When clicked, show the pop-up to confirm (since this location is easily accessible)

  2. Keep delete where it is, but remove the extra prompt

  • Attach files