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Created on Mar 4, 2021

Sync DevOps Commenter Name in Comment Sync

We are an outsourced product management company, so we have alot of integrations to alot of our customers. We have found that when an individual in one of our customers orgs makes a comment, the comment text is sync'd, but the name of the person who made the comment isn't.

It causes the following problems for us;

  • The product manager on our side doesn't know who to reach out to (not all our PMs have access to a customers DevOps instance)

  • For those who do have access, it is time consuming to go into the DevOps instance to find the comment

  • It makes it harder for us to have our PMS to only work from Aha. So we end up with multiple systems as sources of truth.

A way to solve this would be;

  • Add the commenters name within the comment (at the end of the comment)

  • Add the name next to the Aha name above the comment

  • Attach files