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Keep wireframe/icon menu open when doing wireframes

What is the challenge? It's tedious to re-open the shapes>wireframe menu each time I need a new wireframe element What is the impact? It's slow to build wireframes Describe your idea Keep the shapes menu open until I close it
Todd Meyer 3 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Allow list view of whiteboard templates

What is the challenge? When I create custom whiteboard templates, I am unable to find these in the list because the names displayed in the template modal are truncated. What is the impact? Unable to easily find custom created templates. Describe y...
Madeleine Black 3 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Additional options to add records to whiteboards

It would be helpful to make adding records to whiteboards accessible in additional ways: From the More Options button on a record detail for individual records From the multi-select option on the Features Board to right-click and send to a whiteboard
Jeanette Resnikoff about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Converting sticky notes to other record types should not bypass any required fields processes

When converting sticky notes in a whiteboard to other record types, we don't want users to be able to bypass required field entry for those record types. I have found other areas within Aha! where required field entry can be bypassed when creating...
Emily Millman 10 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Ability to multi-select rows and columns in whiteboard tables

Who would benefit? All Notebooks users What impact would it make? Add efficiency in working with whiteboard tables How should it work? Use Command/Control key plus selecting the row/column handle that's used to move rows/columns to multi-select an...
Jeanette Resnikoff 7 months ago in Whiteboards 1 Future consideration

Make Whiteboard Stickies Linkable/Clickable

I am beginning to use the Whiteboard feature to map out the Objectives and Epics my Product Team plans to work on each Program Increment over time. I want to be able to link the stickies on the Whiteboard to actual existing Objective or Epic recor...
Justin Beardslee over 1 year ago in Whiteboards 5 Future consideration

Add images/icons in Aha Notebooks Whiteboards

Who would benefit? Aha Notebooks users What impact would it make? Increase storytelling ability when using whiteboards by providing the ability to add in icons/images to flesh out an idea beyond words How should it work? See attached screenshots f...
Suzie McCarthy 7 months ago in Whiteboards 1 Future consideration

Text search for content (Notes, Textboxes) in Whiteboards

Who would benefit? All Whiteboard users: creators, regular users, collaborators, viewers, occasional visitors... What impact would it make? Make it easier for all users to find specific content within Whiteboards. Text search would be an obvious s...
Ian Babelon 7 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

PI Planning event execution

Who would benefit? It would save a lot of time and reduce the manual effort of PI Planning preparation and event Execution. It will show that Aha is a tool for Portfolio management and also Planning. With extensive current effort of Aha to align t...
Milosz Konarczyk 7 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Support automatic alternate row coloring in tables

Many programs for agendas, etc. utilize the tables model heavily. Tables do work great in these scenarios but one frustration with them is no one supports automatic alternate row coloring which makes the table easier to read. When you have to colo...
Reilly O'Connor 11 months ago in Notes / Whiteboards 0 Future consideration