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Aha Develop - Ability to see Completed Sprints

Currently cannot go back and see the completed Sprints, once an active Sprint is flagged as "Complete Sprint". Need this for sizing reference and auditing of retrospectives and other info in the Sprint Theme. In the attached example we completed s...
Clark Milner over 2 years ago in Sprints 4 Already exists

Ability to Toggle Requirements off and on for Sprint Planning

There is currently a checkbox to hide completed items on the sprint planning board. It would be great for a checkbox bellow it that would hide requirements and only show the current features in play for times when a feature has multiple requiremen...
Justin Paulson about 3 years ago in Sprints 2 Future consideration

Team Performance Dashboard

What is the challenge? I have to build my own dashboards for each team and then share them with the rest of the organisation. What is the impact? Creating Dashboards for things like throughput or cycle time, and adding more specific information on...
Mike Lowery 12 days ago in Reports / Sprints 0 Future consideration

Add a "create retrospective option" to develop

What is the challenge? Having retrospectives is an important scrum practice, at the moment it's pretty manual. go to documents create a whiteboard add a copy of the end of sprint review insert a retrospective template. What is the impact? It's jus...
Mike Lowery 16 days ago in Sprints / Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Add automated capacity planning to sprints

What is the challenge? People are notoriously bad at estimating, points or hours are equally bad, and often people feel pressured into lower estimates, making the problem worse. What is the impact? Accurate sprint planning is hard to do and repeat...
Mike Lowery 17 days ago in Sprints 0 Future consideration

Highlight aging work on the Develop Team Board

What is the challenge? It's great that we have way of showing how long items have been in a column but it you have to look at every record to find the old ones. What is the impact? Some stalled work gets missed Describe your idea Add a feature to ...
Mike Lowery 17 days ago in Sprints 0 Already exists

New requirements that are created under a parent feature that is already in the prioritized backlog should automatically ble placed in the prioritized backlog.

What is the challenge? New requirements that are created under a parent feature that is placed in the prioritized backlog is placed in another area of the workboard. The user then has to find the new requirement and move it to the prioritized back...
Guest 17 days ago in Sprints / Workflow boards 0 Future consideration

Move the location of the "Hide Completed records" on the sprint planning page

What is the challenge? Currently it's under the people on the team and it's not where you look for that sort of feature. What is the impact? Sometimes you forget where it is. Describe your idea Move it to the top of the page and make it more promi...
Mike Lowery 18 days ago in Sprints 0 Future consideration

Change the order of the columns on the velocity report

What is the challenge? The current order is what you did and what you planned. What is the impact? It's harder to read this way and you have to check yourself each time to remember the order. Describe your idea Showing planned then actual is a muc...
Mike Lowery 18 days ago in Sprints 0 Future consideration

Add additional information to the lead and cycle time report

What is the challenge? While that report has value, many people find it hard to read. There is information that we could show on that board that would allow people to make better decisions. What is the impact? Most people ignore this board, missin...
Mike Lowery 18 days ago in Sprints 0 Future consideration