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Display Polls voting results

Our customers would like to see what is the current Pool result status.
Guest 8 months ago in Polls 0 Future consideration

Research Tab: Bulk associate Ideas

Who would benefit? Everyone What impact would it make? Accelerating the use of Ideas as an input to Initiatives to form scope for Features for product managers, analysts, UX, and engineering. How should it work? In the Bulk Edit menu and in the Li...
Guest 5 months ago in Ideas research 0 Future consideration

Show average rating for "Star rating" poll questions

Who would benefit? Product Managers What impact would it make? Aggregates poll responses into a single representative value Provides a simple way to share poll results internally Allows setting targets/goals when gathering feedback on new launches...
Jeff Tucker 5 months ago in Polls 0 Future consideration

Import transcribed audio recordings into empathy sessions

Part of our research ops process includes live, in-person, sessions with single and multiple users which we record and have transcribed. However, bringing those conversations into an Aha! Empathy Session is a BIG pain in that we have to copy/paste...
Andy Shaffer over 2 years ago in Empathy sessions 3 Future consideration

Have a Library of Stock Images/Icons in Aha for Poll Thumbnails

Who would benefit? Very busy Product Professionals What impact would it make? It would allow us to quickly spin up a professional looking image as a thumbnail for our polls without having to do extra research or potentially using an image with cop...
Jackie B 5 months ago in Polls 0 Future consideration

Private in-app feedback widget

This is a need for us in order to get feedback on our product. We are not interested in a shared feedback widget, but interested in individual feedback from every single user. We don't want to 'spam' our users/customers with feedback from other us...
Julie Jensen over 1 year ago in In-app feedback 3 Future consideration

Polls can have a comment thread like ideas

It would be great if you can have a discussion on each poll, just like you can on an idea.
Kelly Sebes over 1 year ago in Polls 1 Future consideration

Reporting for empathy sessions

I would like to be able to run reports to see: How many empathy sessions we have run and when Who was invited and attended The insights, learnings, and ideas that come out of the session Each of the messages sent We can use these report to share w...
Kelly Sebes over 2 years ago in Empathy sessions 1 Future consideration

Highlight question during an empathy session

Similar to how a Poll is boxed to highlight it a Question should be boxed or highlighted so that it is obvious and replies to that question sit under so people are encouraged to reply to a specific question that those running the session want to g...
Daniel Lynch 6 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Add files in advance for an empathy session

I want the ability to add files to my empathy session before it starts. This will help me queue up important files so they are easily accessible when I need to share them into my session chat.
Nathaniel Collum about 3 years ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration