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Permission Individual Notes

As a creator of a Note, I need to apply permissions at the individual Note level for sensitive information or until content is ready to be shared. This functionality exists in Atlassian, Box, and other content mgmt spaces and it's limiting the a...
Guest over 5 years ago in Notes / Product 6 Future consideration

Right Click 'Copy Note' should be renamed 'Duplicate Note'

Who would benefit? People who have monthly team meetings What impact would it make? Medium impact How should it work? Replace 'Copy Note' with 'Duplicate Note' because that is what its doing, its not copying, its copying and pasting.
Guest 2 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Status Report Template

Who would benefit? Project Managers, Program Managers, Product Operations What impact would it make? Provide a reoccurring template that can be used to report out status w/ issues/risks (Green, Yellow, Red) when working large projects or programs....
Stanton Melvin 5 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Automatically resize content when exporting to pdf

Who would benefit? anyone sharing pdfs What impact would it make? lift the barrier for duplicating effort by exporting content to excel then pasting in word docs How should it work? Auto shrink any content to fit to page. When I export an Aha! doc...
Nerissa Muijs 3 months ago in Notes 2 Future consideration

Customer interview snippets linked to research

Who would benefit? PM's doing product discovery What impact would it make? I love the new capability to link notes to items through the research tab. This has brought so much more of our collaboration together in Aha (though allowing non account h...
Guest 5 months ago in Notes 1 Future consideration

Add the ability to archive notes

Our marketing workspace has been around for a few years, and it has quite a few notes that are no longer relevant. Currently we nest notes under an "Archive" note, but that is not an elegant solution because we have to move them one at a time. It ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Notes / Product 0 Future consideration

Support automatic alternate row coloring in tables

Many programs for agendas, etc. utilize the tables model heavily. Tables do work great in these scenarios but one frustration with them is no one supports automatic alternate row coloring which makes the table easier to read. When you have to colo...
Reilly O'Connor 8 months ago in Notes / Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Note Collection template

We wish to create in each product workspace a collection of notes which tell the story of the product similar to the screen grab here: Aha! Roadmaps | Notes | Aha! software<
Daniel Lynch 8 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Comment in notes need to be more obvious in color (more contrast)

Who would benefit? everyone What impact would it make? Easier to find comments and see them How should it work? ability to choose the color or make it have a higher contrast. With the white background it is very faint (until you click on it, which...
Jennifer Lange 3 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

Grid view for notes

Who would benefit? Everyone What impact would it make? Improved UI How should it work? I would like the ability to show folders of notes either in a list view on left (as is currently) or as a grid of folders with individual notes below.
Molly Jane Quinn 3 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration