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Capacity planning: option to pre-populate teams

Please provide an option to pre-populate the list of teams in the capacity planning section of each epic. We have 14 teams where we're capturing estimates. When entering capacity data, it's very onerous having to manually add a row for each team t...
Brian Trombley over 3 years ago in Epic 1 Shipped

Changing the Default Name "Master Feature"

As we were doing some training today on Aha, it occurred to me that we use the default name of "Master Feature" that Aha! provides. The term "master" as it relates to this usage has some deep negative connotations that started back with slavery. (...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Capacity for teams: Ability to log time against team-based estimates

Capacity for teams is a great way to create a high level plan so that we can determine whether or not the roadmap is possible. We would like to extend it so that we can report on progress. How is it going? Are we on track?
Nathaniel Collum almost 4 years ago in Capacity planning / Epic / Features / Reports 0 Shipped

Link to creative brief should go to 'presentation' view and not 'editor' view

as a marketing manager, in experimenting with creative briefs I utilized the custom field 'creative brief' picker for our master activities. However when my team clicks on the creative brief, it opens up the 'editor' view instead of the 'presentat...
jason mercer about 4 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Conditional Fields in custome Fields

In some case I would like to have a condition in which if field X is defined with value X1 than Field Y is automatically set to value Y1 This can help in ensuring data integrity and ease of use Thanks
Guest over 4 years ago in Epic 4 Shipped

Create and edit master features directly in the Releases > Gantt chart

I'd like to be able to create a master feature directly in the Releases > Gantt charts. This will save me from going to another tab to create a master feature, then creating a feature underneath that, and then refreshing my original Gantt chart...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Drive epic status from features

We follow a progression where we create Master Features and then more detailed features linked to them. We would like the ability to create a mapping and drive Master Feature status based on the status of the underlying features.
Guest almost 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Prioritize epics within initiative

When viewing the details of an initiative (or master feature), it would be helpful to see the child-master features (or features) sorted by priority order rather than alphabetical order. That way, the child records wouldn't necessarily have to be ...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Show master features alongside features in roadmaps

Features are planned at various levels. Sometimes you need to show a mix of master features and features in a single timeline. However since master features can have features in multiple releases, it is not possible to group features by release AN...
Austin Merritt almost 5 years ago in Epic / Roadmaps 1 Shipped

Pre-select "Master feature card" tab when customizing the record card

When I click on the Settings icon on the Master Features board to customize the master feature card, the "Customize record cards" dialog opens with the Feature card tab pre-selected. It would be great if the Master feature card tab would be pre-s...
Mark Eaves about 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped