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Created by Brian Trombley
Created on Oct 11, 2020

Capacity planning: option to pre-populate teams

Please provide an option to pre-populate the list of teams in the capacity planning section of each epic. We have 14 teams where we're capturing estimates. When entering capacity data, it's very onerous having to manually add a row for each team to each epic, especially since we have over a hundred epics across the company.

    Aug 31, 2021

    You can now predefined which teams will be automatically added to your estimates.

    Configure this setting in Settings > Workspace > Capacity planning > Capacity for teams.

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  • Brian Trombley
    Apr 29, 2021

    Bumping this request, the new capacity planning by people makes this need more pressing.

    Elaborating a bit:

    • We use over 20 different workspaces that map to discrete orgs in our company.

    • Each workspace would track people across 5-15 teams (depending on the workspace).

    • Each workspace has 10-30 epics where we want to add team capacity.

    Right now, Aha makes us open an epic, manually add a team from a dropdown, then repeat that 7-14x to cover all teams (and add them in order for consistency). Do that again for the other 9-29 epics. Repeat for the other 20 workspaces.

    That's brutal, so we're unlikely to get adoption of this feature.