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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Diane Landante
Created on Oct 14, 2021

Show capacity allocated for a team in the capacity report for an Epic even if the dates in Epic don't include the month the capacity is entered for

Need to be able to see that a team has a capacity estimate entered in a scenario capacity plan against every Epic that has capacity entered for that team for the month using the capacity report by team, even if the Epic dates do not line up with the month the data is entered for.

We are trying to use the Capacity Planning feature with over 50 teams, and need to see which teams have an available capacity in particular months. We are planning at the Epic level, with Teams/People/Month for the scenario.

If a team is entered in the capacity estimate for an Epic for a month that is outside of the dates of the Epic start/end dates, it does not show that Epic for the team and looks like the team has capacity when it does not. We really need to be able to use this view to determine which teams are under or over capacity, but this report cannot be used to do that, and that is the intended purpose of this report.

Expected result: that the report would show exactly the capacity estimates that are entered for the team in that scenario, regardless of the dates of the Epics, since there may be a mistake in the dates or the scenario is being used as a "what if" scenario.

If there is a mismatch of the dates, or no dates in the Epic but the team has a capacity estimate in that Epic for that scenario it should be included for that month's total but highlighted that the dates for the Epic do not match that month that has a capacity estimate.

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