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Categories Epic
Created by jason mercer
Created on Mar 10, 2020

Link to creative brief should go to 'presentation' view and not 'editor' view

as a marketing manager, in experimenting with creative briefs I utilized the custom field 'creative brief' picker for our master activities. However when my team clicks on the creative brief, it opens up the 'editor' view instead of the 'presentation view'. Meaning they see a bunch of text fields, instead of the lovely layout that you can see if you navigate to the creative briefs repository using the top nav.

As a work around, i created another custom field called 'creative brief URL' and then add the url for the presentation view, but that's a long way around the horn. Is it possible for the 'creative brief' custom field to open up the presentation view? (or even have a button in the detail/edit view to open up the presentation view.

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