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Include count information on custom field and custom field layout admin screens

The "Statuses and Workflows" admin screen shows a count of the number of workflows that are listed/shown. However the "Custom fields" and "Configure custom layouts" admin screens do not have the count information showing. Please can this be added ...
Guest 5 months ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Allow default value for editable choice fields

When creating a custom field of type editable choice it would nice to be able to pick one of the choices as the default value
Robert B over 3 years ago in Account settings 4 Future consideration

Customize time to show only hours not days

Today all time (estimate, capacity etc) is displayed in the format of days and hours. If you type in 16h it will be converted to 2 days. We only work in hours when calculating estimates and capacity etc. So this is only confusing. It would be we...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Account settings 5 Likely to implement

Add "Worksheet" fields to Automation Rules

We have a need to driver some automations based on values in worksheet custom field but Aha! doesn't allow us to select worksheet custom fields while creating automation rules.
Karla Johnson 11 months ago in Account settings 2 Future consideration

Provide the ability to customize what is sent within automation emails

We use automation emails to notify PMs and a few others anytime a new idea is posted. These contain no information beyond the name of the idea and a link. As an Aha admin, I want the ability to select the specific fields I want to include in autom...
Brian Trombley over 2 years ago in Account settings / Ideas portal 2 Future consideration

Support filtering by predefined tag field on worksheets

Currently the worksheet equations do not support filtering a list by a custom field of type "predefined tag". Please add support so that you can filter child lists by a value in a predefined tag for example count(self.initiatives[self.custom.tagie...
Madeleine Black 11 months ago in Account settings 1 Future consideration

Add more granular admin permission for configuring product lines

In order to maintain consistency across the product hierarchy, it is important to keep control over the naming and organization of product lines and products. In many cases some users should have administrator access to make customizations for the...
Austin Merritt almost 5 years ago in Account settings 5 Future consideration

Default Landing Page

As an organization we'd like to ensure we navigate all Aha users to a specific landing page when logging in. We'd like to set this to the features list view but it could change and so we want to make it customizable across all users. Two important...
Guest over 3 years ago in Account settings 3 Future consideration

Add possibility to have title read only

In case of integration (e.g. DevOps integration) there could be some records which should not be modified in Aha (or at least some fields) but only in the integration. All fields can be set to read only via the custom layouts, but title can never ...
Nicola Rolando 3 months ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Be able to select a default scenario for all users (Capacity Planning)

Right now, when you add a new scenario (even if it is just a test scenario), all users will be defaulted to that new scenario. We will have dozens of people using the tool, so the inability to get them to all set their own defaults to our standard...
Megan Sanders over 1 year ago in Account settings / Capacity planning 0 Future consideration