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In workflows, it should not be possible to skip a certain status.

In most workflows, the status "approved" is available. But it can be skipped. It should be possible to set in a workflow that e.g. a feature most have had the status approved, before it can get any status following it in the workflow. E.g. the wo...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Account settings 4 Shipped

Auto pluralization and capitalization of custom terminology override option needed

When adding customized terminology in workspace settings, Aha automatically adds an "s" to the end of the words. There are instructions stating the words will be pluralized, but it just doesn't work for all words. We use Priority as a standard and...
Shayne Smith over 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

Allow customization of billing admins listed when user has no seat allocated

When a user who does not have any product permissions tries to sign into Aha! they are presented with a warning alerting them to contact a billing admin to get permissions. This warning is a list of all users with Billing Admin permissions. For te...
Bonnie Trei over 2 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped

New User Message when the user has NO access to any Workspaces

We are running into issues where several people are attempting to access our Aha instance – however they have not been granted ANY access. The only error message they receive is a generic one that directs them to an Admin (and the system lists ALL...
Joe Carpenter about 3 years ago in Account settings 2 Shipped

Bi-lateral Sync with Github

Our software devs tend to use Github to track their work while also using it for their own feature updates. It would be nice to pull in issues which they create in Github into Aha! Likewise, upon initial setup of the Aha! account, all existing iss...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Account settings 1 Shipped

Automatic logout After 15 minutes

Most companies require an automatic log out after 15 minutes now. Adding this as an option when enabling Automatic Logout will enable many companies to adhere to their security standards.
Guest 11 months ago in Account settings 1 Shipped

Automations: use delivery risks as triggers in automations

Delivery risks are incredibly helpful! I'd love to use delivery risks as triggers in automations to create a to-do or send an email for someone to actively address the risk.
Dale Potter over 1 year ago in Account settings 1 Shipped

Assign me to activities and to-dos automatically

Whenever I create a new activity, or a to-do within that activity, it defaults to "unassigned". We found that for our workspace, it can only set a default assignee across all projects. We would like to be able to set defaults at more granular leve...
Guest over 4 years ago in Account settings 4 Shipped

Inability/inconsistency to specify product line terminology

The Terminology settings in Aha! currently do not include the ability to specify a term for product lines. However, what does happen is the product line type which is specified in the Configure product line page is what is displayed in the primary...
Matt Case over 7 years ago in Account settings 3 Shipped

Aha! Usage Analytics

As an admin user, I'd like to see how efficiently my team has been utilizing Aha for product management. Every quarter, I'd like to see how many features have been created per product. How many of those features have been created vs shipped vs wor...
Guest over 8 years ago in Account settings 0 Shipped