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Categories Account settings
Created by Shayne Smith
Created on Feb 8, 2023

Auto pluralization and capitalization of custom terminology override option needed

When adding customized terminology in workspace settings, Aha automatically adds an "s" to the end of the words. There are instructions stating the words will be pluralized, but it just doesn't work for all words. We use Priority as a standard and by the system adding an 's' it forces it into an incorrect spelling. We tried to add as "Prioritie" and allow the system to add the s but this way it shows up in other parts of the system without the s. We also use the word "Focus," when we spell it correctly we get an end result of "Focuss." Again, here Aha does not know how to properly pluralize the word.

Also, the auto capitalization throws us off since we use an acronym for one of our imperatives.

So with the autoformatting, we end up looking very sloppy and get a lot of negative feedback from the team (also I look like I can't spell). It would be amazing if we could have the option to choose our own formatting or we could decide to go with Aha's recommended formatting.

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