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MS365 SSO feature

Hi, Adding the identity provider based on ms365 server could be a great idea.
Guest 9 months ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Stop popping up 'Helpful' or sales dialogue boxes every time I open Aha!

Every time I open the product I get a large dialogue box either giving me helpful hints or selling me something like a training course. PLEASE can I switch that off. I've been using the product for a while now and it's unbelievably annoying and ma...
Guest 21 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Automation: support setting a date field to a value relative to another date field

I wanted to create an automation to update the external release date to match the release date on a release when that changes. Arguably we should just do this automatically already... but I was hoping that Automation would solve the issue After se...
Todd Meyer almost 3 years ago in Account settings 5 Future consideration

Apply workspace templates to lines

Often settings like layouts, terminology, and navigation for parent lines may be purposefully different than workspaces. It would be helpful to drive standards for lines by allowing templates to be applied at those hierarchy levels. A few examples...
Jeanette Resnikoff 9 months ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Ability to disable different view types

Number of functionalities in Main Menu contain different types of views we can use. However, not all these views might be useful or updated and it would be great to have the option to choose what views we use and we don't and hide the unused ones ...
Guest 24 days ago in Account settings 0 Already exists

Aha Login

When you login in from the page it spawns a new browser page. Stop this behavior and log me in from the current tab. I did not ask for a new tab to open and this ends to an endless number of useless tabs being opened. Please change how this...
Guest 25 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Allow team leads to manage workspace releases

Engineering managers & team leads sit "in between" Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Develop. They more than just team owner permissions, but not full workspace contributor permissions. Key use cases Team leads can provide initial estimates on features b...
Jeff Tucker 3 months ago in Account settings / Releases 0 Future consideration

Allow ability to limit valid values in Feature fields to only display relevant values for the workspace.

When defining features in a workspace, you should only need access to utilize valid values from selected workspaces. Each workspace owner defines and reports on their valid values very differently. When all valid values from every workspace are di...
Karla Johnson about 1 year ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Automation Rule - Add "Release" as an Action

In my scenario, there are times that a feature is in a given status, and as a result, I would want that feature to move to a different release. For example, If I abandon a feature, I want it removed from a release and put into a parking lot where ...
Jerrold Emery 3 months ago in Account settings 1 Future consideration

Standardize active user calculation

Aha! shows how many users are active in an account in two places: On the Billing page and in the CSV download of users on the Users page. For the Billing page, the number is calculated using the last login time, but for the CSV the report shows th...
Emily Yankush 4 months ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration