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Show custom field names on integration errors

When there's an integration sync error with Jira on a custom field, Aha shows something like this: 'customfield_19011': Please fill out required fields The identifier 19011 has no meaning to us, as Aha doesn't expose a mapping of our custom field ...
Brian Trombley over 1 year ago in Jira 1 Future consideration

Ideas integration with Gainsight CS

Our Support team uses Gainsight CS to track and manage interactions with customers. They want to be able to look at Aha ideas submitted, voted on, or subscribed to by specific customers all without leaving Gainsight. They will use this during cust...
Brian Trombley over 2 years ago in Wanted 2 Future consideration

Apply "Update records" to a subset of records in an integration

The "Update records" function is very useful when Aha! Roadmaps becomes out of sync with my development tool- I can use it to bulk-update all of my linked records to make sure they are up to date with Jira. But, there is risk inherent in this kind...
Reilly O'Connor 2 months ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Aha! Develop - Support integrations with Slack

Aha! Roadmaps currently supports integrations to and from Slack to streamline the flow of information. It would be great if this could be also be supported for teams in Aha! Develop.
Dale Potter 6 months ago in Slack 0 Future consideration

Support parent-child linking across workspaces and Jira projects through integration.

In the Aha! we have Features that reference a parent Epic in another workspace. In Jira we have issues that are children of an Epic in another project. This cross workspace/project relationship is supported in Aha! and Jira, but the integration do...
Michael Bruner about 1 year ago in Integrations 2 Future consideration

JIRA: Detect default unit of time tracking

Aha! relies on time tracking in JIRA being set to the default value of minutes. If the value in JIRA has been altered to anything else, it throws time tracking estimates off. As of the 6.4.x version of the JIRA REST API a GET is available that ret...
Danny Archer about 7 years ago in Jira 8 Future consideration

Ability to use "belongs to" relationship in Aha to map to "is contained by" link type in Jira

I don't see a way to connect Aha's "native" record hierarchy to a similar hierarchy in Jira. Using epic --> feature as an example, if I select the parent epic while editing a feature, that creates a "Belongs to epic" relationship under that fea...
Gene Lewin 4 months ago in Jira 1 Already exists

Sync releases for Azure DevOps integration

Currently we cannot push work back from Azure to Aha correctly as the releases/Iterations do not sync which causes manual work to move a card to the correct Aha release once imported. Iterations can be nested in ADO, and when you try to send recor...
Ronnie Merkel about 2 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Future consideration

Support linking the Aha! URL field to the Azure DevOps Hyperlink field

Goal: We want to see in DevOps which Item it syncs with in Aha! Current set up: Aha! URL field linked to Hyperlink field in DevOps Challenge: We are using the hyperlink field to capture URLs to multiple sources. This is all being done in a single ...
Euan Callow about 1 year ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 1 Future consideration

Configure AHA! to support GSuite - sheets, slides, docs, etc.

We are a company that uses GSuite, this would allow us to pull data into our collaborative space and manipulate reports to personalize further than what AHA! current allows. Currently the inability to use AHA with GSuite causes delays and setbacks...
Shawna Wilson about 2 years ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration