Integrations 2.0: Add dependency link to connect records without natural relationships together

In integrations 1.0 if I mapped

Features = Story

Requirement = Task

Aha! would send the records to JIRA and create a "Relates to" dependency between the Story and the Task to visualize in JIRA that the two records should be related to each other.

In 2.0, we do not do this. Additionally, we do not allow any type of "Links to" connection to be created since the two JIRA records do not have any type of normal connection with each other like an Epic and a Story or a Story and a sub-task would.

This would be handled through allowing a JIRA side "Links to" value of "Relates to".

This is different than full support of dependency mapping since we are using the dependency to create a link -- the Aha! end wouldn't necessarily have a dependency since the records are already related.

  • Danny Archer
  • Jan 5 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Kevin Burges commented
    March 22, 2018 09:53

    We were using this functionality in the 1.0 integrations and were surprised to find that the dependencies are no longer created in the 2.0 integrations. We looked at migrating to a more "traditional" structure of having Features map to Epics, but due to other automated processes that run off our current JIRA configuration, this is not an option.