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Allow hiding of Idea Score when editing scorecard

Is there an option to hide "Aha! Score" that shows at the bottom of the modal Scorecard window and updates as you assign values on each slider? I feel like seeing the score updated live is affecting how we decide what value to put on each slider.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Advisory group Idea portal access level

Currently the Idea Portal has 3 levels of portal idea visibility: Internal only Employee and Internal only All users. It be great if we can add "Advisory Board" or "Elevated Users" (or other better suiting term) which basically would have a visibi...
Chris Eichermüller almost 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Configure the Ideas Portal to show all Idea fields (even when there is no data)

While the fields are not required within our Ideas Form, we want to be able to see all the fields under the Idea Portal even when there is no data. We should be able to view exactly the same fields within our Portal that is built under our custom ...
Victoria Morrella almost 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

automatically add changed Idea Creator as idea Watcher

Currently we have the ability to change the Idea Creator. Unfortunately, the newly assigned Idea Creator is automatically de...
Brian W almost 3 years ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Allow for additional links on the ideas portal landing page

It'd be great to allow users to have quick links to related content around the portal ie guide to getting ideas progressed / other documentation
Jimmy Adams almost 6 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Already exists

Show/Hide Comments from other Portals

Problem Descrption I’m currently working on an Ideas Portal for our customers. We already have one portal for internal purposes (let's call it Internal Portal) and would like to publish some of the ideas created there to invited customers (Cus...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Unlikely to implement

Remove trending/popular from portal

We use the Idea portal for projects (initiative). So as soon as we receive an idea for an initiative we will review it and decide whether or not we will do something with this idea. So we don’t use the voting actually and don't need the 'trending'...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Already exists

User generated tags for the ideas form

When adding a custom field from the Tag type, allow ideas portal users to either select existing tags or to create new ones on the fly. The tags will be used to represent individual customers who asked for this feature, so later on this can be use...
Tomer about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Enable commenting with status changes for ideas

This is mostly for the purpose of emails, but when I change the status of an idea, I usually have a comment to add too. The followers get two subsequent emails but it really should be just one.
Guest about 9 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Call out staff/employee responses in addition to admin responses

Perhaps we are just not setting up the portal correctly, but I'd like to see staff/employees get a visual highlight on the page when they reply to ideas. Right now I see the green avatar outline and the callout for Admin responses, but we have mul...
Dan Orth about 9 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Will not implement