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Enable the "workspace" record type for linked records in reports

Use case: Building a pivot table that shows dependencies (and other details) between records that are in different workspaces. It's possible to report on the workspace of the primary record (i.e. a feature), but not possible to report on the works...
Dale Potter 3 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Report on custom fields used in integrations, reports and roadmap views

Today you can identify which layouts and workspaces custom fields are actively used in. However, when looking to manage a large number of custom fields across a large organization, there is no way to determine which integrations are using that cus...
Jeanette Resnikoff 3 months ago in Account settings / Reports 0 Future consideration

make Work Request responders available in reports of Workspace settings

I'm trying to create a report which shows who are set in the Work Request configuration to be notified for incoming Work Requests to that workspace. This field is not available in the Workspace Settings record when reporting. Please add it.
Jor Bratko 3 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to add a dashboard panel with team photos

We are starting to really leverage the dashboard functionality in Aha. One thing I would love to do it be able to build a 'success placement' for the team that shows successes, in progress, up next and team roadmap. It would be great to be able to...
Guest 3 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow bubble sizes in a bubble chart to be based on aggregation functions (count of, max, min...)

Currently the size of a bubble in a bubble chart can only be based on the value of an existing (number) field. I would like to display a chart with the size of bubbles being the number of initiatives and x/y axes being other attributes of that ini...
Guest 3 months ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Bulk find and replace text in list report records

This would be useful in cases of org terminology changes and for changes in standard title formats.
Emily Millman 3 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Make "Initiative quarter" field available for filters and calculations in reports

Initiative quarter is already available for display in reports, but I can't filter or use it in calculation columns. I have to create my own custom field and create my own calculations from "Initiative end date" in order to use what is already ava...
Jor Bratko 4 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Maintain cycle time data when team workflow is changed

Currently if I select a new workflow for my team and map my statuses to new statuses, I lose all past cycle time data because cycle time only focuses on the current workflow being used. Instead, I would like to see historical data that coincides w...
Max Robbins 4 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Stop automatically changing the width of pivot columns when filters are updated

Hi, this feels more like a bug than a feature request. I use a lot of Pivot views to help track features progression against related initiatives. This particular view gives a nice breakdown of features per quarter per initiative. In the attached i...
Guest 4 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow delivery risks to be shown in webpage drill-in

When sharing reports with stakeholders outside of Aha!, it is often important for them to know if features are at risk. Currently, it is not possible to include the "Delivery risks" field in the webpage drill-in options. Please add this field to t...
Reilly O'Connor 4 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration