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Status Future consideration
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Created by David Willequer
Created on Apr 17, 2024

Configure Report Sharing at Folder Level / Administrative Level

What is the challenge?

Currently in order for a user to see or interact with a folder - they must have access to a report in that folder. In our environment - we have a predefined folder structure for reporting but unless we create a generic report and save it in that folder and have that report shared with all users

What is the impact?

Currently to showcase the folder structure to every user within the organization, I have to create a report within each folder and share that report with the entire organization. We currently have 47 folders within our report library and as a result - this requires us to have 47 duplicate / unnecessary reports simply to be able to share the folder and/or make the user aware of it's existence.

Describe your idea

I'd like a couple solutions from this idea:

As an administrator / Workspace owner, I'd like to have the ability to configure Report Sharing at the folder level and have all sub folders / reports inherit that sharing automatically. I'd also like toggleable controls to enable or disable inheritance on a folder. This propagation of permissions should work similar to how modifying the Report Sharing on a dashboard works today for all reports that are part of that dashboard.

As an administrator - have the ability to configure a report's default "Shared Internally With" setting globally.

As an administrator - be able to view / edit any presentation regardless of whether or not that presentation was shared with me as a collaborator. Once someone leaves our instance of Aha - Roadmaps, we are no longer able to access their presentation and have no way of recovering that data should it need to be accessed by other users and the report as a whole if shared as a web page becomes inaccessible if the user is disabled. This is data that belongs to the company, not the user and as an admin, I should have the ability to retrieve this data if needed.

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  • David Willequer
    Apr 18, 2024

    Update for the last point - Aha Support Pointed me towards the following support article: which has options for taking over a presentation - this doesn't fully solve the need of being able to view a presentation without actually being forced to take over / change ownership of the presentation.