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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Steve Dagless
Created on May 8, 2024

Add workspace name as a field on records

What is the challenge?

Aha! allows teams to build complex roadmaps with work from across a portfolio contributing to an overarching endeavour. When reporting on the work rolling up, it's necessary to see which workspace that work belongs to. Aha! reports only allow a record association to be created once. For example, in a report showing features by epic and initiative, it's quite possible for the records to be in any workspace but the report will only allow users to select the workspace of the feature or epic or initiative.

A second challenge presents when record relationships cannot be created. For instance, when configuring the related tab and choosing which fields to show for each record. Here, users can only select fields named a record and workspace is not one of them. Therefore, the name of the workspace has to be decoded from the reference which to most users is meaningless.

What is the impact?

Enable users always to know which workspace is contributing work in a complex portfolio of inter-related products.

Describe your idea

For all records, the workspace name would be added as a reportable field and available on the related tab configuration screen. The implementation would be the same as the availability of the goal name field on features today.

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