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Rounding of custom date fields to nearest quarter/month in reports

An external release date can be rounded to the nearest month or quarter in reports. It would be beneficial if something similar can be done with custom date fields? This gives a product manager more flexibility in how to report custom dates to dif...
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 1 Unlikely to implement

Integrations report - show template overrides

On the new integration report, please add columns to show which settings do not use the template. This is especially useful for the credentials so that we know which ones we need to update individually.
Kelly Sebes about 4 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement

Swimlane Support in a List Report

I am trying to create a list of information that is coming from several products out of several product lines. The list allows me to neatly show all of the information that I need to show, however, the first column is listing the Product Line and ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement

Multiple Time Frames on Custom Roadmap

New custom roadmap is awesome. Currently using to show timing of features grouped by initiative using feature start date and due date. Would love to be able to show more granular view for planning purposes. Eg. I have custom feature fields for Des...
Guest about 7 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement

Add Release & Initiative Completed visual on Hierarchy Report

The Hierarchy report is great. However, I think it would be better if you also got a green tick next to Initiatives and Releases that were completed / shipped. I think this would be a better visual representation of delivery against a goal.
Guest over 7 years ago in Reports 1 Unlikely to implement

Multi-select in report filters (by custom field)

Hi, In the Report screen in the filter area, I can filter by my custom field (which is a Tag) and click through the list of values to add them to the fiter. I would like to be able to quickly select all values of quickly select more values. E.g. ...
Guest about 8 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement

Combine sub releases in Feature roadmap view

I have many sub-releases (one for each product) unfortunately when I look at the roadmap view in features, each of these sub-releases is broken out by product producing a roadmap which now longer lines up in time, instead I get lots of lines that ...
Jesse Stein over 8 years ago in Reports 1 Unlikely to implement

Remove "Product Line" from reports that have different names for a Product Line

We have used "Product Line" to define teams within Aha in order to organise our PM's work into a more intuitive hierarchy (for them). However, when we create a Pivot Report, "Team" includes "Product Line" in parenthesis. It would be great if that ...
Guest over 5 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement

Remove (dashboard panel) text to report titles

Every time a report is added to a dashboard, that report's name is updated to include the text (dashboard panel). If it is added to two dashboard, then it will append (dashboard panel)(dashboard panel). This makes the report title unusable at time...
Karie Kelly about 3 years ago in Reports 2 Unlikely to implement

Reports Dashboard Filters

As a Product Manager, I would like to filter reports by Last Modified so that it's easier to find reports. I can already filter using Created By, Shared With, and Report Type, and a number of other ways but modified date is not one of them. Stretc...
Tom Beck over 6 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement