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Aha should delete the integration link when receiving a delete trigger from a webhook

We have Aha linked to JIRA. When we delete an issue in JIRA, this triggers our Webhook to send a message to Aha. I understand and agree that this should not cause Aha to delete the Feature connected to it for security reasons. But I would expect A...
Marvin van Dongen almost 8 years ago in Features 8 Future consideration

Sync status updates between Features and their associated Releases

Currently when any feature changed their status from Backlog to In Progress, the associated Release should be manually updated to reflect the changes. There is a functionality to sync status updates between epics and their associated features, and...
Guest about 3 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Email alerts (notifications) for Feature Due Dates

In Aha! - users only receive emails as a watcher, commenter, or via a To Do. Feature Due Dates are an important part of a created feature, and users should be receiving emails (similar to To Dos) when Feature Due Dates are upcoming, present, or ov...
Max Chanoch over 9 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Convert an Initiative to a Feature

With the enhancement of promoting of the Idea to an Initiative or a Converting a Feature to an initiative, can we have have the ability to Convert an Initiative to a Feature.
Guest about 8 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Allow Reviewers to view Scorecard Metrics

We use Aha! Scores heavily on our features, and while Reviewers can see the aggregate score, they cannot view the values for individual metrics (Sales increase, Retention of customers, etc.). Many of our reviewers are members of our engineering te...
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Show release status on features board

Adding another feature request to gain visibility again to this needed enhancement. Our features board contains a combination of in-progress, scheduled and further out tentative / aspirational releases. We continually forget to change the release ...
Steve Podzamsky about 4 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Hierarchy Report: Support Initiatives that have both Master Feature and Features in same report.

Right now if you create a report that shows Initiative/Master Feature/Feature, for features that are directly linked to the initiative they show as if they have no initiative associated to them. I expect those features to show in line with the ini...
Russell Swisher almost 7 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Add Create a Related Feature to Action Menu

Currently there's a create a related Idea in the action menu for a feature. I would love to have Create a Related Feature option so that when the feature is created, there's a relationship immediately established.
Guest almost 9 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Option to restrict Features to the same release as the epic

Would like to see an option in the account / workspace to only allow features to be associated with the same release as the epic.
Guest over 2 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration

Allow feature boards to show releases and their features across multiple products

This would allow for an easy view that can be used to review and prioritize features, especially when features across multiple products have dependencies. Viewing and filtering multiple releases from different products in the same features board w...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Features 2 Future consideration