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Allow for Required Fields in Initiative and Feature Forms

We would like to be able to make certain fields within the initiative & feature forms required - so that one cannot save the form without filling out that field. We'd specifically like to use this to ensure folks are mapping an initiative to ...
Guest over 8 years ago in Features 14 Shipped

Enhanced Tab Navigation and Date Entry in Worksheet Type Fields

Hi Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to propose a feature enhancement that we believe would significantly improve our experience with your product. We use Aha! extensively for managing our product development processes, a...
Guest 10 months ago in Features 0 Shipped

Configure workflows at the account level

All of our products need to use the same workflow. The problem is that it is different than the default so I have to tediously adjust each product. Would like to be able to set this at the account level and/or modify it in bulk.
Laura Bednasz over 7 years ago in Features 5 Shipped

Add external documents to Research Tab

JTBD: Link relevant external (outside of Aha!) documents to a record in Aha! so that I can keep information organised in one place. Problem: I have many external (outside of Aha!) documents that are used throughout the discovery, design, and imple...
Terence Osmeña 10 months ago in Features / Ideas / Ideas research / Notes 0 Shipped

Ability to choose custom fields for "rerank features by" on releases of the features board

Following up on it would be great to have a way to use the newly created custom field to rerank features within a release. This would help to bring the ranking from the prioritisation board into the ranking...
Steve Dagless over 1 year ago in Features 0 Shipped

Basic Approval Steps In Feature Workflow

We all want to to be following an Agile process and Aha! in conjunction with JIRA allow us to do this. However, we need to do Agile with an element of control around key stage gates of the lifecycle of a Feature since we have to maintain our ISO c...
Guest over 7 years ago in Features 2 Shipped

Adding Features in Feature Board - Auto add to Release view

Whenever we add a feature to a release from the "Features Board", clicking the three dots on the release it does not seem to truly add it to the release. The edit area doesn't show the Start On and Due On dates, and when we go to the Release overv...
Steve Podzamsky over 5 years ago in Features 2 Shipped

Adding existing features to a master feature

As a Product Manager, I would like to add existing features to a master feature. Today, I can add new features to the master feature but when I want to bring in existing features I have edit those features individually to create the relationship. ...
Tom Beck about 7 years ago in Features 7 Shipped

Remove 'Flag as delivery risk' option from right-click menu when Delivery risks are disabled

When my workspace has delivery risks disabled I am still presented with the option to flag an epic or feature as a delivery risk through the right-click menu on the board view. This is problematic because a record can be flagged as a delivery risk...
Justin Waldorf 11 months ago in Epic / Features 0 Shipped

Add due dates to Requirements within Features

We're a team that manages infrastructure projects. An example piece of work for us would be - Firewall upgrade, which would have multiple sub-tasks underneath it, such as Procure firewall, rack FW, Configure FW, Implement & Test. We're still t...
Danny Archer almost 9 years ago in Features 3 Shipped