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Allow filtering of unprioritized Ideas by Idea Categories

As a product manager overseeing a portfolio of products within a single Aha! workspace using idea categories to channel ideas, I need to filter unprioritized ideas by idea categories so that I can easily create prioritization reports at the produc...
Joe Buehlmeyer over 1 year ago in Ideas 1 Shipped

The new UI of the Aha scorecard is truncating the numbers, can't see more than 4 digit

The current behavior for the entries on the scorecard is that up to 4 digits will be displayed, including any prefixes. the scorecard support entering more digits but the display is not showing them, basically a bug, but was asked to open an Idea.
Vered Yosub almost 2 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped


We use your Ideas feature. It is published insider our product, which requires a login. Yet, 99% of the "ideas" we receive are SPAM. The vast majority of those are for various prescription drugs. You need to improve your ability to automatically f...
Guest about 2 years ago in Ideas 2 Shipped

New Product Score modal: I have to zoom out to 80% to see the "update score" button.

The new product score/evaluation modal didn't fit within my screen at 100%. I had to zoom out to 80% in order to click on update score. Scrolling down did not fix this issue either.
Claire A about 2 years ago in Ideas 2 Shipped

Don't have Reply-To of "Digest" emails open a customer support ticket

When I get an email from the "Digest" and reply to it, I was surprised to discover this makes an Aha! customer support ticket. I thought I was getting a notification of a new idea, so replied with "OK - thanks - we will review this and add to the ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Connect a Contact to an Organization through Aha! Ideas API

Due to large amounts of organization, I have 20K+ and 500K contact at MAX (I still didn’t role out the service to all my users to test the issues that will come like this one) I need help to map the contacts automatically to my organizations becau...
Amin Fadul over 2 years ago in Ideas 1 Shipped

workflow_status history through REST API

as a data architect I need to plot the history of the workflow_status for ideas. I need to be able to retrieve a reliable, accurate history of workflow_status changes with start/end datetime for each idea. This data enables us to track ideas which...
Guest over 2 years ago in Ideas 1 Shipped

Allow Aha! users to use idea status terminology that differs from external-facing terminology.

We would like to be able to use more than one internal status terms (ie "Product Team Review" and "Planned") that will appear in the portal to our customers as having a more general status (ie "Under Review" for the example given).
Kaitlyn Luboff almost 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Cannot Search by Organization Name for Ideas Anymore

There must have been a change in the past week that no longer allows organization names (tied to the SF integration for votes) to be used as a search criteria in an idea list report view. This is critical to be able to search on ideas specifically...
Patrick Eslick almost 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Aha! search should include organizations

No description provided
Rose Smith almost 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped