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Release kanban board

Aha! currently has an option to present Epics(features) and user stories in a kanban view, which is very helpful see too where you at in terms of flow and work status. It would be really helpful to have the option to display a Release content in a...
Guest over 2 years ago in Releases 2 Already exists

Align status changes with epics and features

The status should be applied to a BR (feature) when a Need (epic) is changed or ask if we would like to align. I find much time is wasted doing this and often BRs are missed.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Releases 1 Already exists

Not sure how to remove a sub-release from a roll-up release

Attempting to manage multiple componet release using the roll-up release feature. However, it seems that any accidental addition of a sub-release cannot be undone
Darrell Massie about 3 years ago in Releases 0 Already exists

"Example" workflows should not show up in filters after being removed from the account

Once we finalized our workflows in Aha, my company removed the default "Example" workflows from our account, leaving us only with the workflows that we want to use across all of our workspaces. However, those "Example" workflows appear to be hard-...
Harrison Hopkins over 3 years ago in Releases 2 Already exists

Be able to automatically (retroactively) be able to add release phases to releases

When you add releases in JIRA which we tend to do and they get imported into Aha! it is too time consuming to add each release phase to a release. We have about 8 release phases. It would be helpful if we can retroactively apply the a release temp...
Guest over 4 years ago in Releases 1 Already exists

Traceability Matrix

Goal : to help feature and requirement traceability in a single document delivered at the conclusion of a release. This could also help identifying feature/requirement coverage
Guest over 4 years ago in Releases 1 Already exists

Emailing group or channels when a event triggers

It would be great to have the ability to email a mailbox or send a notification to teams/yammer channel when a release has been shipped or when a feature has been delivered, it automates the communication to wider business
Guest almost 5 years ago in Releases 1 Already exists

Dependency like "Finish to Start" or "Start to Finish"

The dependency mapping could be more robust like MS Project where we could drag one parent dependency items end date to impact the child dependent start date to move. It's a feature implemented in MS Project for a very long time and is truly usefu...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Releases 2 Already exists

Viewing and searching features for shipped releases

It's not possible to see feature list in shipped release at all. Searching for features doesn't bring it up either. If this tools comes to replace PRD/ERD - deleting any record of implemented features is not a good idea.
Alona Gian over 5 years ago in Releases 27 Already exists

Ability to edit To-Dos in a Release Template

Once I create to-do's in a release template, I am unable to go back and edit them. This means I have to delete them and start again.
Guest almost 6 years ago in Releases 1 Already exists