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Initiatives dashboard: Please add "initiative status pipeline mode"

It would be a great feature to be able to display initiatives in status pipeline, not in effort/value matrix (which also beneficial). There are two "modes" of using page:https://<company><produc>/initiatives - for plan...
Guest about 8 years ago in Product / Strategy 4 Shipped

Make it possible to enter and track OKRs in Aha!

Objectives and Key Results are a form goal setting templates that are very effective to get the whole company in line with the most important goals and to become more data driven. see this for an overivew. I would like to be able to enter Goals ...
Guest over 8 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Show competition threat score on the detail view and optionally on the competition list

The threat score is an important, simple metric that helps people identify which competitor(s) they should really read about, comment on, or even subscribe to (in Aha). However, you have to click on and edit each and every competitor to see the th...
Guest over 8 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Bulk import for key results

Who would benefit? Everyone tracking OKRs in Aha! Roadmaps What impact would it make? Make it easier to get started How should it work? Add support for bulk import for key results Update goals CSV importer so that you can bulk import/update key re...
Nathaniel Collum 3 months ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Aha! Initiative Tracking Number

This will help our users a way to have a tracking number added to the initiatives in Aha! so that we have a better way of identification and searching?
Marina Reyna over 5 years ago in Strategy 5 Shipped

Show progress on goals & initiatives based on feature status

As features that are linked to goals and initiatives are complete, the progress of that goal / initiative should be updated based on the number of features linked and the number of those in progress, complete, etc.
Guest about 8 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Sort Competitors

I would like the ability to sort competitors in the Strategy....Overview...Competitors. Currently the order is the way they are entered in It would be useful for example to sort by how much our sales guys meet such a competitor during sales c...
Guest over 8 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Having Multiple Success Metrics to same Goals.

Be able to have multiple success metrics for the same goal. Because a major goal could be divided into multiple KPIs. Or just be able to group the Goals.
Torben Hinge about 9 years ago in Strategy 4 Shipped

Configure initiative hierarchy

1. Similar to product / product hierarchy, it would be great to be able to define the initiative hierarchy in 1 view. In our case, we have defined initiatives at product line- / product-levels. It'd be great to be able to view / edit the whole str...
Guest over 9 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Context-sensitive Goal pull-downs

The pull down to relate items to a Goal brings up a huge list across all available workspaces. Please show the ones associated with the current Workspace ( and its parent/children) first. Note that this applies to most other elements of the data m...
Keith Mantell almost 4 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped