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Make the new Time Frames feature actually know about Time

The new Time Frames feature allows us to tag goals and initiatives with specific timeframes. These timeframes are user-defined rather than system-defined, but the examples are fairly common and are shown to work across several temporal scopes: qua...
Guest over 6 years ago in Strategy 4 Unlikely to implement

Structured support for MVP tracking

The strategy section captures a lot of good information, but it would be great to also capture tracking around an MVP. Something like: MVP Iteration #, Hypotheses, Results, Date
Dan B over 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

User configured Initiative filter by status

Please add a filter option like that seen on other list views. User clicks "Filter" - checks the status values to be viewed, clicks okay. Click X to remove filter. The existing 'canned' filters are too course.
Guest over 6 years ago in Strategy 1 Unlikely to implement

Single view to define goals /metrics, initiatives, and features and establish relationships between each

What I'm really looking for is one location where I can define overall goals (and associated metrics), define initiatives underneath each goal (but in a format where I can see all goals) along with metrics, and then start defining features underne...
Matt Case over 6 years ago in Strategy / User story map 0 Future consideration

Add area to configure and enter Customer information

Looking for a good place to add customer information including things like a business plan, products and product features using, as well as, those interested in. It would be great if it appeared as a tab under Strategy --> Overview and had ...
Guest over 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

User Stories should inherit possible goals from the Epics/Initiatives they belong to

As a startup, we are building our roadmap from the top down. This means we are first setting goals for each product, then defining the epics that will help us achieve each goal. Finally, we break it down into the detailed user stories to complete ...
Guest over 6 years ago in Strategy 2 Future consideration

Deconflate Competing Vendors and Competing Products or Services

The current Aha metamodel (view of the world) characterizes "Competitors" as One Trick Pony vendors that sell one Product or Service that is competitive to the Aha Product Owner's organization. This is a conflation of the concept of an external ac...
Lonnie VanZandt over 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Unlikely to implement

RSS Feed/Google Alert for Competitors

The competitors tab is great for tracking information I input about competitors. One of the default sections for competitors is the 'Recent News'. It would be very helpful if instead of me having to keep up 'recent news,' I could just input the rs...
Rob Bedeaux over 6 years ago in Strategy 5 Future consideration

Assign Alexa Score to Competitor Automatically using URL provided by User.

Problem: I don't have time to find, copy and paste the Alexa score for a competitor I've already given you the URL for. Additionally, maintaining the most recent score involves resubmitting all URLS and repeating the process. This could be automat...
Guest over 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Unlikely to implement

Assign a Logo to Competitor via URL.

Problem: I don't have time to find, download, and upload competitive images to our strategy page, especially when I know there are better (faster) ways to do this. Current State: In order to designate a logo for a competitor, I must upload an i...
Guest over 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Unlikely to implement