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Set default scorecards when creating new products

Me and my team would really benefit from having the opportunity to set our own scorecard as the default scorecard when creating a new product. Many of us can create new products and the chance is big that someone miss to change the scorecard after...
Guest about 5 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

business cases capturing and comparison using infographics

Summary: it would be great if I could enter business case details for a product/service in Aha in a visual way and then have the ability to pick and compare the cases/products on one page. As a Product Manager/Owner I want to create/capture bu...
Guest about 5 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Show full name of selections within Custom Fields in the details drawer

Topic: Custom Fields cut off and do not show the entire name Issue: When I select a custom field and I hover over the '...' it does not show me the rest of the custom field name. (See screenshot below) Use Case: When we select custom fields, we wa...
Mike Jacobson over 2 years ago in Product 3 Future consideration

Product Specification

Similar to the Notebook, but a little bit more freeform - I would like to have a little more control over the presentation of my specification documentation so that I can present it to potential clients. This way, I will have more engaging custome...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Presentations / Product 1 Already exists

Add capability for pinned/favorite products to the hierarchy dropdown instead of recent

There are three products which I tend to be creating/managing features in most often, and I always want those three products to be quickly accessible without having to click through the hierarchy to get to them. We have recent products at the top ...
Todd Meyer over 5 years ago in Product 1 Future consideration

Workflow - option to view based on assignee as well as a "custom" tag/ field that identifies a development team

Product Owners are assigned the feature and then work with multiple teams, it would be great to see the workflow based on the assigned but then also the split of teams
Natasha Venter over 5 years ago in Product 1 Unlikely to implement

Product Name Change Visability

As an admin, I'm responsible for processing all new users access request. Due to organizational changes, sometimes product lines and products names change. Is there a way to easily search by an old product name so it can be easily "linked" / cross...
Marina Reyna over 5 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Export in CSV/Excel

It would be very interesting to provide a way to export features cards in CSV, and not only in PDF or image
Guest almost 3 years ago in Product 1 Already exists

Glossary of terms/business context

Definitions for terms/concepts between product lines often vary. It would be great to be able to create a glossary/ubiquitous language archive where definitions can be linked to product lines or different products. This will help developers use bu...
Guest over 5 years ago in Product 2 Unlikely to implement

Need to update boards more frequently/poll your services upon changes

I noticed that Aha is not refreshing the view, not even after I create a new feature card. This causes immediate confusion as the first thing I think is, 'was my card acutally created?'. I've noticed the app doesn't really ever refresh unless the ...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Product 2 Already exists