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Knowledge base page publishes automatically once approved

What is the challenge? We want KB pages to be approved before they are published. What is the impact? It is a manual process right now and we have to trust users that they will not publish a page before all the approvals have been given. Describe ...
Aaron Weinberg about 1 month ago in Knowledge base 2 Future consideration

Remove extra whitespace in resized embedded views when exporting to PDF

What is the challenge? If you have a note with an embedded view configured to resize to fit when publishing, there is usually extra whitespace at the bottom of any view that had to resize (wider and taller than the page). What is the impact? It lo...
Daniel Campbell about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Show 'Start date' in the Trello integration

What is the challenge? There's currently no way to sync feature dates in their entirety to Trello. Aha's current integration only surfaces Trello's Due date for mapping, meaning that it's impossible to do do time-based planning across platforms as...
Guest about 1 month ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

To-do templates

What is the challenge? managing change requests What is the impact? simplify approvals for specific task types Describe your idea looking to be add template approval types to support various use cases and pull a standard set of information from us...
Joy Fryer about 1 month ago in To-dos 1 Future consideration

Mobile App - New Idea should match new idea entry layout

What is the challenge? Current mobile app implementation forces new idea entry to show the view layout and make all fields required. Only specific fields should be required for new idea entry as some are derived after-the-fact. What is the impact?...
Guest about 1 month ago in Mobile 2 Future consideration

Steps within user story maps can't be utilized in a pivot table

What is the challenge? unable to include user steps from a story map to help provide a comprehensive view of a release with a pivot table What is the impact? requires multiple pivot table views to tell complete story Describe your idea allow user ...
Robert B about 1 month ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

User story maps should respect custom card layouts for Epics/Features

What is the challenge? Not enough information is displayed in cards in story maps requriing constant clicking through to details What is the impact? Difficult to use story maps interactively with users Describe your idea Use card layouts for epics...
Robert B about 1 month ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

Cross-workspace user story maps

What is the challenge? Most of our user journeys go across multiple products. When we story map these journeys, and create features off them, we want to be able to add features across multiple workspaces in AHA. What is the impact? Can only story ...
Guest about 1 month ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

Features board view by initiative

What is the challenge? Want to be able to: View all features in a space, grouped by initiative Add new features in the same view What is the impact? No easy way of understanding how all my features fit into wider context. Describe your idea
Guest about 1 month ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Language support in Free Text (Idea) fields in ideas portal

What is the challenge? As a multinational company we have clients in 22 countries where many are not english speaking. Although some (limited) language support can be enabled for forms, input data is always displayed in the language of the user wh...
Martin W about 1 month ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration