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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Paul Simon K
Created on Jun 16, 2024

Monitoring Cost & Schedule together Graphically.

What is the challenge?

When it comes to a Project execution, our primary focus revolves around two key aspects: the duration it will take to complete and the associated cost. Once these factors are mutually agreed upon, any deviations from the initial plan are typically not considered or entertained. There comes the importance of this graph.

What is the impact?

The graph provides a comprehensive overview of the entire project, tracking its progress daily. It allows us to easily interpret any changes in both cost and schedule, as they are reflected on the same day. The graph highlights four specific lines that are particularly important.

Describe your idea

Sharing my thoughts... watch the links below.

  • Graph familiarization, 2 min 49 sec.

  • Various examples, 5 min 5 sec.

  • To draw & download, 4 min 58 sec.

  • Attach files