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Provide ability to build a dashboard based off release milestones and phases.

We have several phases and milestones per-release for various activities. I want to be able to generate reports/dashboards of these for multiple products & releases at a time.
Guest over 7 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

In the Product Name Selector when clicking on a higher level Product Line Select all of the Children Products

When you are in various screens that product selector is in allow the user to click on the Parent and have the children also be included in the inquiry. This would make it faster to select/deselect multiple products at once. Note this could be use...
Stephen Morse over 7 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

When downloading a file from Aha (in a to-do) I would like to keep the file name

The issue we’re facing I believe is that when files are downloaded from Aha they’re renamed ‘original’. It’s not a huge issue but it would be helpful for the file to keep its original name upon download. i.e. - whatever the uploader has na...
Guest over 7 years ago in To-dos 0 Already exists

UI elements highlighting

It would be grate to have elements highlighting in UI on mouse navigation so users can understand the element is clickable. For example in Initiatives section, some Initiatives grouped in a column at the left and when user with non-contributor ri...
Guest over 7 years ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

Starter roadmap isn't tied to data in the app

I find that in many situations when coming up with a roadmap you are going through iterations and different options on how you can tackle the next period of planning. it would be nice to have a lighter way of doing that didn't actually create rele...
Guest over 7 years ago in Roadmaps 1 Already exists

Filter by Master Release

In filters containing release names, I would like to be able to select a master release so that I don't have to remember and select the names of the sub-releases.
Tom Beck over 7 years ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Want ability to filter Ideas by Name in Idea View (not global search)

Sometimes I want to use the Ideas List view to find my item, instead of the global search. The Global search results are disruptive, I have to keep changing my settings after doing one to search through ideas, and the results display doesn't have ...
Kaitlyn Moore over 7 years ago in Search 0 Already exists

Milestones at feature level

Every feature within the release can have its own milestones which cannot accurately be represented through requirements. Basically think of requirements stemming from the milestones for a particular feature. Would love to have that functionality ...
Guest over 7 years ago in Features 0 Already exists

Cannot add "Release: description" to a List Report

I might be missing something - so forgive me. I am trying to create a simple report: Item: Release Columns: Release Name, Release Description However, release description is not an option in List Report.
Austin R over 7 years ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Display multiple products in starter roadmap

I have a consumer-facing product and internal product that are tightly linked. These products are grouped within a product line and I often need to display both roadmaps together when reviewing the roadmap with our business stakeholders. The new S...
Bryan Crist over 7 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists