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Ability to add Aha users to the "To" list in "send an email" action in Automation

When selecting "send an email" action in Aha automation, the email recipients need to be manually added. It would be really helpful to enable selection of user list from Aha user list Also from the custom field of a custom table (something like se...
Prasad GVS 2 days ago in Application 0

Track anything from My work

My work is an effective page for anyone managing records assigned to them. However, PMs often manage work assigned to other people. I want the ability to track specific work from My work, even if it isn't assigned to me. A few quick examples: Key ...
Nathaniel Collum 22 days ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Shadow border for images within text fields

Our team uses Aha! notes for our user guides and the white background of the text box can make screenshots not as distinct from each other as we would like. It would be great to be able to enable a shadow border on images.
Emily Millman 4 days ago in Notes 0

Dashboards need a diet

There is a lot of whitespaces between panels or around charts in ideas. The pie chart is half-the possible size of the panel.
Guest 10 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Embed Whiteboard in description

If the old mockup function is getting deprecated, it really would be nice if whiteboards were embedded into descriptions so that we can quickly create what we need to and have it as part of the attachments that flow into our dev systems.
Nikhil B 3 days ago in Whiteboards 0

Allow wireframes on whiteboard

The old mockup functionality allowed us to create wireframes in description. That really should be part of the whiteboard functionality before the mockup functions are removed
Nikhil B 3 days ago in Whiteboards 0

Keep User Story Map Steps Visible

It would be helpful to keep the steps in a user story map visible when scrolling down on the page. Essentially, like in Excel freeze the steps row at the top so it's always visible on the page.
John Peterson 3 days ago in User story map 0

Idea Dashboard filters need time

I would like to be able to have all panels on a dashboard to be able to provide ideas in the last 30 days, or last quarter, this week.
Guest 10 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

When creating a new Ideas record, you cannot add new Tags values like you can in the same field on the edit screen

When working with Ideas directly in Aha! (not via the Ideas portal) there is a discrepancy with how the Tags field works. On the Create ideas form, the Tags field does not allow you to add new values (see attached Create Idea Tags field no results...
John Gartner-Baca 8 days ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

single idea portal inside of Aha

Within our organization, we like to funnel all idea intake into a single portal so we can manage appropriately before handing off to a product team. Right now when you create a new idea within Aha directly, it allows you to choose from any workspa...
Erika Green 4 days ago in Ideas 0